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  【藏品名称】 :双旗币~康熙通宝

  [Collection name]: Double Flag Coin ~ Kangxi Tongbao

  【藏品数量】 :6枚

  [Number of the collection]: 6 pieces

  【藏品类别】 :钱币

  [Collection category]: Coins

  【藏品简介】 :民国成立后,铜元仍继续大量流通使用。1914年,铜元正式改称“铜币”,民国发行的铜币与清最大的区别是龙纹被换成了由稻穗组成的嘉禾纹。各省铸造的铜元大多为两面叉的国旗图案,并有“开国纪念币”或“中华民国铜币”字样。

  [Collection Introduction]: After the establishment of the Republic of China, copper yuan continued to be circulated in large quantities.In 1914, the copper dollar was officially renamed as "copper coin". The biggest difference between the copper coins issued by the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty was that the dragon grain was replaced with the Jiahe grain composed of rice ears.Most of the copper yuan cast in various provinces are two-sided national flags, and have the words "founding commemorative coins" or "copper coins of the Republic of China".

  On December 29,1911, after the Revolution of 1911, the representatives of 17 restored provinces elected Sun Yat-sen as the provisional president of the Republic of China in Nanjing.On January 3,1912, the government of the Republic of China was declared established, and the Qing Dynasty collapsed, ending the feudal monarchy that had lasted in China for more than 2,000 years.When the Republic of the Republic of China was founded, because the currency system has not yet been established, in addition to Sichuan cast Chinese silver coins, Fujian cast the Chinese ingot, most of the main mint, still use the former steel mold casting silver coins for circulation needs.Due to the chaos of the currency system, Chen Jintao, the finance minister of the interim government, presented Sun Yat-sen, president of Wen Da, on March 11, the first year of the Republic of China, and cast 100,000 yuan of commemorative silver coins for rectification.

  After the victory of the 1911 Revolution in 1911, the Qing Emperor abdicated and the Republic of China was founded.China's democratic revolution pioneer as the temporary President of the republic of China, and in the "temporary presidential order" to "another new model, drum casting commemorative coins", then wuchang and Nanjing two mint first cast "of the founding of the republic of China" copper currency, give priority to with ten value, issued in the country to replace the qing dynasty copper yuan.This is the origin of the "commemorative coin of the founding of the Republic of China".There is no doubt that the coin name of the copper dollar is very clear, namely, the "founding commemorative coin of the Republic of China".According to the general consensus of coin collection, for a kind of coin, should be clear currency or show the main characteristics of the coin is called "face", and the other side is called "back", accordingly we should distinguish the currency from the previous copper yuan, and has distinct epoch-making revolutionary and progressive significance has "the founding of the Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as the founding COINS) side called face, and the corresponding value of the other side is called back.







  Republic of China double flag currency

  In 1911, the revolution, qing dynasty xuantong emperor announced abdication, lasting two thousand years of feudal system, in January 1912, the establishment of the government of the Republic of China, father sun yat-sen as temporary President of the office of the Republic of China, and issued the "temporary presidential order", sampling the qing dynasty copper coin model, encourage casting COINS —— of the Republic of China.Hunan province made double flags when the money made twenty articles, which was produced in this historical period.


  Iron blood 18 star flag, referred to as 18 star flag, also known as iron blood flag, 9 jiao flag, 9 jiao 18 star flag, the first righteousness flag.Is a sign of the victory of the Wuchang Uprising.The flag is red, symbolizing the spirit of iron and blood; eighteen stars are eighteen provinces, representing the whole country.Wuchang Yiqi at one fell swoop, the provincial cloud response, a national scale of the anti-Qing revolutionary movement quickly rose up, and finally led to the end of the Qing Dynasty.


  Although this double-flag coin made in Hunan Province has gone through endless years, the grain is still clearly visible. The rust above has also witnessed its historical accumulation. It has very obvious historical transitional characteristics and has extremely amazing historical and artistic value.





  湖南省造双旗币 当制钱二十文 正面图片 反面图片,两枚

  民国钱币精品赏析 湖南省造双旗币当制钱二十文

  此钱币正面中央图案为“铁血十八星旗”和“五色旗”交叉而立、旗后有缨带,双旗寓意全国一统与民族大团结。珠圈外上部书“湖南省造”四字。左右饰以团菊花纹;下方则镌“當制錢二十文”标明币值。背面正中图案则为稻穗组成嘉禾纹,寓意丰民足岁;背面上部镌“THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA”;下方则镌“TWENTY CASH”。钱币设计精美,做工精细,纹饰丰富,布局合理,层次鲜明,线条流畅优雅,工艺纯熟精湛,保存较好,包浆完美,艺术价值较高,极具收藏价值。

  Hunan province made double flag coins when making money 20 front pictures negative pictures, two

  The Republic of China coins boutique appreciation of Hunan Province made double flag coins when making money 20 pieces

  The central pattern on the front of the coin is "18 Stars of Iron and Blood" and "Five-color flag" crossed, with tassels behind it. The two flags mean national unity and national unity.Bead circle outside the upper book "made in Hunan Province" four characters.Left and right decoration with group chrysanthemum lines; below is engraved "when money twenty text" indicate the value.The middle pattern on the back is a grain grain, meaning the rich; "THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA"; "TWENTY CASH".The coin has exquisite design, fine workmanship, rich decoration, reasonable layout, distinct layers, smooth and elegant lines, exquisite craftsmanship, good preservation, perfect pulp, high artistic value, and great collection value.


  The double flag coins made in Hunan were produced in the period of the Republic of China, which only existed for a few decades in Chinese history. Therefore, in the era of chaos and frequent civil wars, coins are still completely preserved, which is not easy, and has a high value of cultural relics collection, historical and cultural value and artistic appreciation value.Money market brewing in recent years, the money trading market dominated by mechanism money is quietly heating up.Especially in the coastal cities and the inland market set off a coin investment boom.Such double-flag coins are favored in the market transactions of ancient coins.This coin is 20 double flag coins made in Hunan Province, 30 "Hunan Province", there is a "19 star iron flag" pattern in the center of the front, two sides crossed with "five color flag" pattern, two sides inlaid with gold decorative belt, many collectors are eager to collect.

  上缘“湖南省造”,“造”字为牛口造,下缘是币值标识“当制钱二十文”,中央为代表民国政府的五色旗和十九星旗陆军旗,旗帜上方是罕见的五星图案,海棠花图案比较常见而五星图案极其稀少。背面中间为嘉和纹图案,上缘是国家的英文翻译,下缘是币值的英文。钱币虽然经历百年沧桑有明显使用过的痕迹,但字迹图案仍然清晰可见, 流传至今保存完整实属不易,升值空间值得期待!

  The upper edge "made in Hunan Province", "made" for cattle, the lower edge is the value mark "when money 20", the central government for the government of the Republic of China of the five color flag and 19 star flag army flag, the flag is a rare five-star pattern, crabapple flower pattern is more common and five-star pattern is extremely rare.Back in the middle of the Jiahe grain pattern, the upper edge is the national English translation, the lower edge is the English of the currency value.Although coins have experienced a hundred years of vicissitudes of life have obvious used traces, but the handwriting pattern is still clearly visible, handed down to the complete preservation is not easy, appreciation space is worth looking forward to!


  Double flag coins were cast in the period of the Republic of China, which was not far away from the present world. In addition, the Republic of China belongs to an era of chaos, and its coins could be completely preserved at that time.Because of the special historical background of the coin, this coin has a very high value of cultural relics collection, historical and cultural value and artistic appreciation value.






  This piece is [Qianlong Tongbao] Bao-Zhejiang Bureau

  More and more ordinary people began to join the ranks of coin collection, and people's collection of ancient coins is extremely high.Several versions of Qianlong Tongbao appeared at auction, and some precious versions were sold at sky-high prices.Qianlong tong baby Zhejiang bureau version don't talk about, under what background cast Qianlong Tongbao?


  Qianlong tong baby Zhejiang bureau version don't talk about it


  During his 60 years of his reign, several versions of Qianlong Tongbao were built, including some more precious versions.Qianlong ascended the throne in the 13th year of Yongzheng, when the year name was changed to Qianlong.Emperor Qianlong paid great attention to the casting of coins, so the casting technology of Qianlong Tongbao was more exquisite than in the Yongzheng period.During the reign of Qianlong, there were 22 casting bureaus, and BaoZhejiang was one of them.Version has big money, corner head full word long, corner head single point full scroll tail treasure, corner head double point back long full Zhejiang, corner head double point back cross point Zhejiang, brush body wide edge, Guangxi hand Zhejiang, foreman double point full scroll tail treasure cross point Zhejiang, new word long, formal word long back long Zhejiang.


  Qianlong tong baby Zhejiang bureau version is not cast under what background

  Qianlong Tong baby Zhejiang Bureau version is the treasure Zhejiang Bureau cast coins, the Qing Dynasty Bao Zhejiang Bureau but has a great future.In the first year of Shunzhi, Tongbao money began to be cast. Zhejiang Casting Bureau began to cast Shunzhi Tongbao in the 6 years of Shunzhi, a total of coins for 8 years.In the sixth year of Kangxi, Zhejiang Front Bureau began to cast coins again, and stopped casting coins in the next 12 years of Kangxi.In the 35 years of Kangxi, he began to cast coins, and Zhejiang Bureau cast coins for Kangxi for 10 years.In the eighth year of Yongzheng, the types of coins cast by Bao-Zhejiang Bureau began to increase, and the coins cast during the Qianlong period reached their peak.Qianlong Tong baby Zhejiang bureau version also has some of its own unique characteristics, such as in Qianlong Tongbao "long" word is orthographic, because of this obvious feature, but also loved by collectors.


  To sum up, it is not to introduce the Qianlong Baobao Zhejiang Bureau edition, there are many kinds of Qianlong Tongbao, and the quality of the Qianlong Tongbao cast in different periods is different.We should also pay attention to the background of coin casting in the collection of Qianlong Tongbao, to facilitate their own collection to the more precious Qianlong Tongbao.






  This piece is [Kangxi Tongbao] Baoquan Bureau edition





  Kangxi Tongbao, the Qing Dynasty coin.It was cast during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662~1722).Qian Mian text 'Kangxi Tongbao' is written in regular script, read from top to right to left.

  Kangxi Tongbao can be divided into two categories according to the text on the back: one is the imitation " Shunzhi four type'Manchu money.Qian back Manchu 'Baoquan', 'Baoyuan' left reading, is a household, workers two built.The other kind is the imitation 'Shunzhi five type' full Chinese money.

  Kangxi Tongbao has Xiaoping and when ten big money.Qian Wenzhen book style, read straight.In addition to Baoyuan and Baoquan Second Bureau, all provinces have the name of full Chinese character discipline Bureau, wearing left cast Manchu and right cast Chinese.All the provinces cast money are Xiaoping.Discount ten money for the Baoyuan bureau cast, face from Guo alternate wheel, back full of Wen Baoyuan column through around.The coin material is mostly green and white, namely with copper and tin alloy, commonly called big white money; there are also red copper and brass provincial bureau cast money.

  Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty ruled for 61 years, because the social and political economic development, commodity exchange and monetary economy were very developed, the coins of the Kangxi Dynasty were beautifully cast, mostly neat, heavy in money, beautiful and generous characters, and large cast, and very rich.


  The coin is antique, the coin outside the circle inside, directly read Kangxi Tongbao on the front, engraved with "baoquan" two words of Manchu, indicating its casting bureau, the coin has experienced the history of the washing, the appearance is still intact, pulp into the bone, is not easy, is a treasure.






  This coin is [Kangxi Tongbao] backed with Han Tong


  In huang taiji established the qing dynasty, was in Shenyang later 1644 shunemperor and capital from Shenyang moved to Beijing, finally in Beijing, so the north has been a key economic development area, like Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Beijing is belong to the economy more developed areas, the closer the Beijing its economic development faster economic faster trade will be more frequently, the more frequent commodity transactions, you need to cast more currency, so like these northern coin casting are very beautiful.


  This is due to the first copper supply.Second is the regulation is very strict, finally lead to make money is very beautiful, so we must pay attention to this, kangxi treasure with its version don't change little, its good version, there are three main, the first is regular, the second is square, the third is horn double, the three layout is mainly the change of the head.This is due to the first copper supply.Second is the regulation is very strict, finally lead to make money is very beautiful, so we must pay attention to this, kangxi treasure with its version don't change little, its good version, there are three main, the first is regular, the second is square, the third is horn double, the three layout is mainly the change of the head.

  This is due to the first copper supply.Second is the regulation is very strict, finally lead to make money is very beautiful, so we must pay attention to this, kangxi treasure with its version don't change little, its good version, there are three main, the first is regular, the second is square, the third is horn double, the three layout is mainly the change of the head.






  This piece is [Shunzhi Tongbao] Baoquan Bureau


  Shunzhi Tongbao is the first kind of money made after the Qing Dynasty. The text "Shunzhi Tongbao" is read; mostly brass and rarely bronze; money is flat and wide.Shunzhi Tongbao is mainly small flat money, a few fold two, fold ten money, according to the back text change and casting stage can be divided into five stages.So, how much?Shunzhi Tong Bao Baoquan Bureau value,



  “顺治通宝”作为清朝建立以后流通的第一种类型的货币, 前后进行了五次改制,它的成功确立了清代的货币体系的建立,具有着非同凡响的历史意义。近年来古钱币拍卖市场上的“顺治通宝”的市值不断走俏,收藏价值极高。2019年4月19日,一枚“顺治通宝”背左“延”成交价为52万元;2020年1月5日,一枚“顺治通宝”宝源局大钱更是拍出了72万元的天价!

  Chinese culture for five thousand years, and has a long history.As one of the earliest countries in the world to use coins, many versions of ancient coins were derived with the changes of dynasties.Over the past many years, although those ancient coins are no longer circulating on the market as a medium of currency exchange, they have special collection value because of their unique historical commemorative significance and become treasures in the art trading field.Since the reform and opening up, China's ancient coin auction market has been thriving, a rare and exquisite ancient coins with amazing high prices constantly traded.

  After thousands of years of vicissitudes of life, the number of ancient coins is less and less, and the value of investment and collection is increasing.As an ancient coin popular after the Qin Dynasty, it was not until the copper coin of "Tongbao" in the Republic of China, and it was used in China for more than 2,000 years.To a large extent, the square hole money represents the ancient Chinese coins. The unique square hole money with circles outside and inside and inscriptions reveals the thick and simple atmosphere of history.Shunzhi Tongbao, for a circular square hole copper coin, its shape outside the law, righteousness and macro.Money face directly read "Shunzhi Tongbao" four words, money back engraved full text "baoquan" two words, clear handwriting, very beautiful.

  As the first type of currency circulating after the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, "Shunzhi Tongbao" carried out five reforms. It successfully established the establishment of the monetary system of the Qing Dynasty, which has extraordinary historical significance.In recent years, the market value of "Shunzhi Tongbao" in the ancient coin auction market is constantly popular, and the collection value is extremely high.On April 19,2019, a "Shunzhi Tongbao" back "left" delay "transaction price of 520,000 yuan; on January 5,2020, a" Shunzhi Tongbao " Baoyuan bureau is sold a huge price of 720,000 yuan!


  People gradually realize the significance and value of coin collection. The collection of ancient coins has created a mythical miracle. Although ancient coins are no longer used as coins in the market, they have extraordinary collection value, thus bringing unexpected wealth to collectors.


  For more details about the boutique, scan the QR code in the text to contact the collector


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